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Vaughan Bassett

Vaughan-Bassett’s furniture is timeless in more ways than one, from their clean, classic styles to the traditional craftsmanship used for decades by their Virginia and North Carolina furniture makers. They’ve stayed true to American materials and American labor, sourcing their woods from the Southeastern United States where their manufacturing centers are located.

In fact, 99% of the lumber Vaughan-Bassett uses come from within 500 miles of its factories, and 80% are from within 200 miles. Their Appalachian Hardwood collection is entirely made up of solid oak and solid cherry pieces harvested from within a day’s drive of their factory in Virginia. This comes in part from their commitment to sustainability. The company has donated 150,000 maple, oak, ash, pine, poplar, and applewood trees to the Virginia Department of Forestry to offset what they harvest. They also use the latest technology to ensure they use as much of each tree as possible when processing their lumber, further reducing their environmental impact.

It makes sense, then, that Vaughan-Bassett would have both traditional and contemporary styles of furniture available, given that balance in the company at large. The classic Cottage collection has a beautiful antique feel. The Hamilton Franklin line is more contemporary with smooth lines and simple details. The Reflections collection is bold and masculine, with old-world paneling on the headboard and edging on the drawers. The Twilight set is very chic, perfect to add an arts and crafts or Mission style feel to any room, with a modern twist from the hardware.

Whether you are shopping for bedroom furniture, entertainment pieces, or occasional tables, you can be confident in Vaughan-Bassett’s furniture and sustainable, local-focused business practices. Any of their pieces would be a welcome addition to your home for many years to come. A lot of things may have changed since they first opened, but one thing that hasn’t is their unique approach to quality, classic furniture made in the USA. Invite a good neighbor into your home today with a beautiful piece of Vaughan-Basset furniture from E.F. Brannon.