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Flexsteel is one of the most popular brands in our show room, offering some of the highest quality furniture on the market. They have an unparalleled commitment to company integrity from their suppliers to their environmental impact. They have been proving themselves since 1893, when they began as a small Minneapolis furniture store.

Their products are so durable that many of the early Flexsteel pieces are still in antique markets and auctions around the country. Their standard of excellence has kept them in business for 120 years and helped the company expand into new markets, including furniture for RVs and marine settings.

There is a Flexsteel piece for almost every style. Some of our biggest sellers are their beautiful leather sofas and recliners with power recline features, as in the Capitol Power Reclining Love Seat with built in center console. There are timeless pieces with classic details like tufting and nail heads, as in the Dorea and Anderson lines. For a masculine, luxurious feel the Bay Bridge sofa, Suffolk sofa, Mission Hills ottoman and Flemington chair set the standard with rounded edges, generous cushions, and rich leather upholstery. For a room with a comfortable, contemporary flare, the Kashmira sofa and South Street sectional offer clean, modern lines, as do Flexsteel’s many conversation sofas that gently curve to facilitate a good chat.

As with many of our products, you will find our Flexsteel offerings can be customized to create your dream look. Our Interior Design Center can help you select the right upholstery, shape, and size pieces to give your room a cohesive style full of personality. With Flexsteel you can be confident that your home is filled with sturdy, well-designed, and beautiful furniture that will stand the test of time.