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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 19:28

New & Noteworthy: Modern Accents for the Home

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Making updates to your home isn't always about a complete remodel. Some of the most amazing transformations come from simply updating accents such as accessories, lighting and artwork. Because let's face it, there are certain accents that can just make your house look dated or stale. If your home is in need of a refresh then consider updating your spaces with these new and noteworthy accents for the home.

modern home accents Uttermost 1


Bring an edgy feel to a formal space with a beaded chandelier. This lighting option can be just as dressy as one that's made of crystal but it has a more modern feel and brings the drama. What a great way to add an organic texture to a bedroom or foyer while giving it a fresh look.

modern home accents Uttermost 2


Candle holders are often a go-to for a dining table centerpiece. While it's an easy fix it isn't always the most creative option. Unless you opt for a stunner like this one. With its architecturally interesting shape it's a gorgeous modern touch, with or without the candlelight.

modern home accents Uttermost 3


Mixed materials are a modern home must-have. These bottles have a modern combination of elements that can be layered into any space. Heavy metal texture adds a weighty feel which contrasts beautifully with a soft curvy look.

modern home accents Uttermost 4


Elevate a space to the next level with a modern acrylic accent piece. An edgy X-base design topped with teal leather will invigorate a space with color and style. Add this piece to the foot of a bed or place it in a foyer to add a sophisticated modern appeal. This is proof that statement pieces come in all shapes and sizes.

modern home accents Uttermost 5


We've said it before and we'll say it again. Mirrors are always an easy way to add some interest to a space. We love the functionality of a mirror especially one that is this pretty. Pair it with a chunky lamp for a contrast in shape and a cool modern look.

Does your home need a dose of modern appeal? If it's time to update your spaces then visit our showroom to shop these pieces and more.

Monday, 08 January 2018 17:43

Five Stylish Ways to Organize Your Home

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January is the perfect time to take a look at your home and decide if it's really as organized as it should be. Organized homes always run more efficiently which in turn just makes life a little easier. Unfortunately, organizing isn't nearly as much fun as decorating. But what if we told you there are many ways to organize with style? Here is a list of ways to organize your home and get you just as excited about organizing as decorating.

stylish ways to organize Kincaid 1


A bed with built-in drawers is an easy way to add more storage to your bedroom. Not only are there many storage footboard options but some even offer built-in drawers on both sides of the bed to maximize storage potential. It's as if you have an extra piece of furniture in the bedroom but it uses zero additional space. Now, that's efficiency.

stylish ways to organize Flexsteel 2


If you want an organized home then you need a home office or at the very least a desk. A stylish desk that compliments the other pieces in your home will blend right in. Having some drawers and a dedicated spot for important papers will keep them from getting mindlessly tossed onto counters and randomly tucked away, where you may or may not remember them.

stylish ways to organize Uttermost 3


An entry piece is must, if space allows. Every home needs a spot where you can drop your keys, purse or bags when you walk in the door. A cabinet or table with some drawers or shelving will provide a place for those things. Plus, you can always have fun playing around with style and decorating this small space.

stylish ways to organize Flexsteel 4


Media cabinets are a multi-purpose way to stay organized. No one wants to look at a tangled mess of cords. Keep your electronics organized while displaying favorite books and decorative pieces. Use closed shelving and drawers to store things you need but would rather not have to look at.

stylish ways to organize Uttermost 5


You can add an étagère to just about any space. Typically, the étagère is a piece that is going to be stylish in its own right. So it's perfect for filling with decorative bins or baskets when you need to store small items that don't really have a home. An easy fix for any space that needs decluttering.

Could your home use some organizing? Don't put it off any longer! Visit our showroom where we have pieces for every room in your home that will help you get organized with style. 

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 21:54

Five Interior Design Trends to Try in 2018

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A new year always brings with it the desire to make change. While you're feeling motivated to set new goals why not use some of that inspiration to make some changes to your home. Be bold in the new year and incorporate some of the interior design trends that we think will be big this year. We've chosen five trends to inspire you to give your home a new look for the new year.

interior design trends Kincaid 1


More natural wood finishes. Painted pieces certainly have their place but lately we're seeing a return to more natural looks in stains and raw wood textures. These pieces have an organic quality and bring so much character to a space.

interior design trends Kincaid 2


A more refined use of color. Keeping your color palette to a minimum is an easy way to update your home with a modern look. Try subdued jewel tones instead of overly bright colors and balance it with dark taupes, rich greys and bright whites.

interior design trends Riverside 3


More collected looks. Gone are the days of matching everything which means it's easier to express yourself and create a custom look. When you mix styles it results in a look that's collected over time as if your home has been carefully curated. Eclectic seating is taking over dining spaces and fun accent pieces are the new nightstands.

interior design trends Uttermost 4


Blending styles. Sure, your home may be filled with modern pieces in shades of grey but that doesn't mean you can't blend in a rustic table or some industrial accents. You can easily add pieces in other styles that will blend with the existing ones, as long as they have design elements that you're always drawn to.

interior design trends Eastern Acccents 5

Eastern Accents

Fearless pattern pairing. If you're going to mix prints and patterns then be bold. Repetition in color will bring it all together. Keep walls light and neutral to avoid overwhelming the senses. And don't be afraid to throw in a wild card pillow just to mix things up. A kidney pillow in an unexpected pattern or color can actually give a space a high-end designer look.

Make this the year you create the home you really want. Try one or all of these interior design trends to update your spaces. Visit our design center where our design staff can help you make all the right decisions for your home in the new year.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 14:53

Style Your Bed & Love Your Bedroom

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There's no better time of year to update your bedroom than winter. When it's too cold to go out you want to stay cozy indoors. And who knows? There might even be a snow day or two which means lazy mornings in bed. So turn your bedroom into a space you love by styling the bed with layers of luxurious linens and beautiful plush pillows. Here are a few of our favorite looks that are sure to inspire you to turn your bedroom into a gorgeous winter retreat.

bedroom updates Eastern Accents 1

Eastern Accents

Update a classic. Use jewel tones but give the look a modern twist by limiting the palette to one or two colors. Dark teal has a dramatic impact, especially when paired with crisp white. Choose pillows with fun elements such as tassels and a mix of patterns for a fresh look. Add warmth to the space with polished gold accessories.

bedroom updates Kincaid 2


Create calm by layering your bed with neutrals while keeping it stylish with high contrast. When walls, bedding and even the rug are white it creates a soft canvas for classic pieces. A casually layered collection of pillows will make you just want to sink into bed. Finish the look with a fun, furry throw tossed over the foot of the bed.  

bedroom updates Eastern Accents 3

Eastern Accents

What's not to love about this feminine-meets-masculine look? Leather, linen and velvet create a designer look that's high-end yet still approachable. After all, what good is a beautiful space if you're afraid to use it? Your home is meant to be enjoyed and this mix of durable and stylish elements comes across as easy-going.

bedroom updates Eastern Accents 4

Eastern Accents

Give your bedroom the spa treatment with soothing grey and white. Classic stripes pair with a delicate dose of floral to create a modern look. Don't forget, when layering neutrals texture is key. Add a pillow in a favorite hue for a chic splash of color.

Don't settle for a basic look when it comes to styling your bed. You deserve a space that's as beautiful as it is comfortable and in the bedroom that starts with the right bedding. Visit our showroom to find these looks and more.

Monday, 18 December 2017 20:37

The Dos and Don'ts of Accessorizing

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Decorating your home is about more than choosing the right furniture. It's when you style it with accessories that the magic really happens. Artwork, lighting and decorative items can make or break a space. But there are a few guidelines you should follow to get the look right. So we've put together a list of accessorizing dos and don'ts to help you style your way to a beautiful home.

home accessories Uttermost 1


Don't create clutter. One of the most common mistakes people make is over-accessorizing and that just leads to clutter. Clutter never looks good and certainly doesn't make you feel good. Your home should be a place that brings calm to the chaos of the world.

home accessories Kincaid 2


Do consider scale. When accessories are too small they just look out of place. Using larger pieces looks more modern and chic. Be sure to vary texture and shape to create an interesting mix.

home accessories Uttermost 3


Do use interesting pieces. Look for items that reflect your interests or artwork that you connect with in some way. Pieces that are unusual will make for great conversation starters. Uncommon pieces will also set your style apart and create a look that is truly unique to you.

home accessories Uttermost 4


Don't forget that lighting is an accessory too! A pretty lamp will fit right in with your curated pieces while adding a soft glow to the space. Tuck a small lamp into a bookshelf or light up a dark hallway with a unique light that will serve as a fun accessory.

home accessories Kincaid 5


Do incorporate organic elements. Something as simple as a sprig of branches can be popped into an existing vase or jar. This brings a fresh feel to the space while layering in another texture. Fresh flowers are another easy way to add color and an organic touch.

home accessories Kincaid 6


Don't cover every inch of wall space with artwork. The eyes need a place to rest. If artwork is hanging everywhere it can overwhelm the senses. A go-to designer look is to hang one oversized piece which creates a focal point while adding dramatic impact.

Hopefully this will help you style your accessories in a way that elevates your interiors to the look you have always wanted. If you need more help, visit our showroom to find stylish and unique accessories for your home along with expert advice on how to use them.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 18:20

Five Tips for Planning a Room Makeover

Written by

With the new year just around the corner it's likely you're planning to make some changes. Often, those changes come in the form of home improvements. But before you start redecorating that space there are some decisions you will have to make. The biggest one is whether or not you will enlist the help of an interior designer. You might also consider using a design consultant. However, if you want to stretch your creative muscles and go it alone here are five tips that will make the process much easier.

room makeover best furniture 1


ONE. Start with a plan. Create a Pinterest board specifically for the room and pin things you would like to see in the space. Add anything from paint colors to specific styles of furniture. But don't stop there. Add rugs, artwork and even pillows that you're drawn to. Not a tech person? Pull pages from magazines, gather fabric samples and paint swatches and create a classic mood board. This will help you create a vision for the space that will serve as inspiration for the makeover.

room makeover eastern accents 2

Eastern Accents

TWO. Decide on a budget. You have to create a guideline that will allow you to determine where you can invest. In other words, think of this as a “save or splurge” list. For example, you might decide to invest in bedding made of designer fabrics and sheets with a high thread count while saving on less costly lamps or accessories.

room makeover kincaid 3


THREE. Know your measurements. This one is so important as it will be a guide to what you can or can't use in the space. It also makes shopping so much easier which, in turn, will make it a lot more fun. And if you come across the perfect piece while sourcing items for your makeover you won't have to question whether or not it will fit the space. You can just go for it!

room makeover kincaid 4


FOUR. Create a floor plan. It doesn't have to be CAD designed but it should be drawn to specific dimensions of the space along with proper placement of doors, windows and any architectural features such as a fireplace. A floor plan is your guide to a layout that will help you make the best use of the space.

room makeover flexsteel 5


FIVE. Start with the biggest pieces first. In a living room that's typically going to be the sofa. Once you've made this decision you can choose the smaller pieces such as accent chairs and tables. Save accessories, rugs and artwork for the final phase.

Planning a room makeover can be a fun way to express your creative side. But remember, you don't have to go it alone. If you get stuck or decide you need a little help just visit our showroom. Our design staff can help you with your room makeover every step of the way.  

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 18:08

Elements of a Stylish Conversation Area

Written by

Conversation areas can be used to enhance the look and feel of a space. Often created by using two or more chairs they add function in a way that a single sofa can't by adding versatility and seating that doesn't have to be shared. The living room is the most obvious place for a conversation area but bedrooms and stair top landings are also prime spots for a cozy conversation nook. Let's look at the elements that make up a stylish conversation area.

conversation seating Uttermost 1


Obviously, seating is the most important element. Often, two chairs are plenty. However in a common area of the house the more seating the better. If space allows use a grouping of four chairs to maximize seating. While comfort is key these chairs should also have some personality. Distressed leather, nailheads or a pretty silhouette are things to look for.

conversation table Kincaid 2


Tables are a must. You'll need a place to set a drink or book. Place a generously sized end table between two chairs. In a conversation area with a grouping of three or more chairs add a fun cocktail table or upholstered cocktail ottoman.

conversation lighting Uttermost 3


Pretty conversation areas have great lighting. Even in a space that gets plenty of natural light add an accent lamp to create a pool of light in the evening. In small spaces sconce lamps are a great way to illuminate the space while adding style.

conversation pillows Kincaid 4


Cozy textiles add a soft layer.  Plush pillows and fluffy throws will instantly make a conversation area more inviting. Consider an upholstered cocktail ottoman that will serve as a soft place to rest your feet.

conversation accents Kincaid 5


Don't forget to style it!  Add a pretty basket for magazines. Place a decorative tray on a table and add one or two decorative items and maybe even some fresh flowers. Finish it off with some wall art that flows with the rest of the home.

While a conversation area is an extension of the room it can also take on a life of its own. With all the right elements you can create a stylish space that's perfect for a cozy conversation or some time to yourself. Visit our showroom to get started on a conversation area for your home today.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017 20:34

Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide

Written by

home decor holidays gift guide

pillow / throw / wall decor / lamp / rug / containers

Our annual Holiday Gift Guide is here! We couldn't be more excited to kick off the holiday shopping season. Which is why we've carefully selected six items that are sure to please the home decor lover in your life. We believe that giving the gift of a beautifully decorated home is always in style. Give them something they will truly love, not just when they open it, but all year long.

  • We all have that one friend who can never get enough pillows. Gift them one that will go with everything. This fun pillow is the perfect addition to any bed or seating area. Black and white pairs well with any color combo and the tassels are a playful touch.
  • Another home decor favorite is a throw and you can never have too many. Anyone that loves to decorate will agree. Go with a classic plaid and it will serve as holiday home decor but still provide a cozy touch throughout the winter months.
  • Fun wall decor is for your friend or family member with quirky style. A trio of faux antlers are perfect for the lover of eclectic design and these are just the right size to fit into those hard to decorate spaces.
  • Every home needs accent lighting. Small in size but big on personality this lamp is just right for fitting into any space that needs a little light and little style.
  • Any home decor enthusiast knows that texture plays a major role in design. This faux fur can be thrown over the back of a chair, across a bed or even layered onto a bigger rug. The possibilities are endless and the impact is big.
  • You could gift these rustic containers just as they are or fill them with your recipient's favorite things. With this gift the packaging will be just as exciting as what's inside.

Don't forget to shop our showroom when Christmas shopping this year! We have artwork, accessories and many other pieces that are sure to please every home decor lover on your list.

Monday, 20 November 2017 21:49

Five Ways to Decorate with Rustic Furniture

Written by

Rustic furniture has risen in popularity since the farmhouse trend exploded onto the scene. But rustic furniture isn't just for the lover of farmhouse style. Also referred to as distressed, rustic furniture is taking over interiors of all styles. You may not be a fan of the farmhouse trend but there's more than one way to decorate with this popular style. Let's take a look at five ways to decorate with rustic furniture.

rustic Kincaid sofa 1


Rustic glam is a posh yet livable look. Polished metals and velvet textiles elevate heavily distressed pieces by creating a look that is high in contrast. A space that's layered in these rich textures needs few accessories as the pieces speak for themselves.

rustic Uttermost furniture 2


Adding a rustic piece to a modern space creates a high end look that has depth. Modern homes can often feel impersonal but when you implement a piece in distressed or weathered wood it adds major character.

rustic Kincaid furniture 3


Rustic can easily go industrial with details such as nailheads and substantial hardware. Elements such as exposed wires and large scale artwork give distressed furniture a no-nonsense look with style that is unforgettable.

rustic Kincaid dining 4


Rustic can be casual and stylish with the right accessories. Lean and layer artwork for a more relaxed look and fill in empty spaces with books and easy-going accessories. Finish this fresh look with an organic element such as a simple floral arrangement.

rustic Kincaid artwork 5


Have a little fun with rustic furniture by going eclectic. Pair bold and colorful fabrics with graphic black and white artwork. Quirky lighting will add a stylish and sophisticated spin.

If you thought you couldn't use rustic furniture then think again. You can make rustic pieces work with any style as long as the other elements in the space are right. Visit our design center to learn how to blend rustic pieces seamlessly into your home.

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